Friday, April 13, 2007

Mac Sweet Mac!

Our Hammies live in a Mac.
In a Mac. In a Mac.
Our Hammies live in a Mac.
In a Mac sweet Mac!

For more on the MacHome™:
Go Home Sweet Home!


Mel said...

Great way to recycle! Your hammies have a GREEN home! HA!!! :-D

Rhianna said...

I have looked everywhere for one of those mac's! :'( Could yhoo pleaseee tell me the model number? I have looked for a good few days and I just cannot find one!

jo said...

Sure thing! Send us your email address and we'll let you know what model you should be looking out for. However, we DO ask that you send us photos of your happy hamster in the new Happy MacHome as soon as you set it up so we can post it on the blog!

Email us:

rhianna said...

Thanks so much :)

yanira said...

Hola, soy de venezuela y me ha gustado mucho su invento, es hermosisimo y estoy muy interesada en tener uno para mi pequeño hamster ruso. Me podria decir como hago para conseguirlo o como hago para hacerlo??

Hello, I am of Venezuela and I have liked much his invention, am most beautiful and very I am interested in having one my small one to hamster Russian. Podria to say to me since I make to obtain it or since I make to do it?

yanira said...

Hola de nuevo, no encontrado por ningun lado el monitor que usted me dice,es muy dificil en mi pais conseguirlo, digame que puedo hacer???

Hello, found by any side the monitor again that you say to me, it is not very difficult in my country to obtain it, digame that I can do?

jo said...

Haha! No, there is no diagram. All done by trial and error. However if you follow the instructions sent to you in the email, you shouldn’t have any problems setting it up. Get a friend or 2 to help out. And send us some photos when you are done! :p

donot said...


This is great, they have a beautiful home :)

Can i have instructions too, by mail ? My hamsters will enjoy it for sure.

I'll send you photos


Anonymous said...

I love this idea, I am getting some hammies soon and I would love to use your idea of the Mac, is that ok? What model number is it and can I have instructions :) I will take a load of pictures once done
Thanks. My email is:

HyperMXxx said...

This. is. Too. Cool.

Can you tell me the model number?

and Can I have instructions by mail too pwease?

My dwarfie says hwi!

Juan Pablo Barcia said...

Hi..I love the idea you guys had of transforming a Mac into a hamster house!..I would love to make one myself but i don't know where to find that mac..could you please send me the model number?.. and the instructions to making it?.. Thank you and good luck with your hamsters!

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